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About Original Prague Tours

At Original European Tours we believe you deserve the opportunity to have the best experience in any European city and we would like to extend a warm welcome to you. Our range of tours is designed for everyone to get a look into the history and modern times of Prague. Travelers from all over the world are welcome and holiday makers of all ages can discover the wonders of the city by day or night with our fun guides.


Meet some of our tour guides:

Lilith (Austria)-
Lilith austria This Austrian has relocated to Prague and may seem a bit shy at first but trust us she is anything but. She loves Prague especially in the summer and knows all the local places like the back of her hand. Aside from running tours Lilith is always on the move from, music, parks, parades, and pubs seems like she is always doing something.

Brandon (Australia)

Moving away from the ocean side city of Melbourne at a young age. Brandon has the snow bug and ended up in Vienna as his permanent base camp. When he wasn’t riding fresh powder he worked on his degree from Vienna University in European History. Lets hope his putting it to good use here in his new home Prague!


Is straight out of Prague. She has moved around the city quite a bit and also made her way around Europe. She knows her way around the city better than anyone I know and is also pretty good at avoiding even the best tourists traps. If you need any local info, this is the gal we go to! Katie england

Anna (New Zealand)
"Pub Crawl was great and perfect for me and my friends night out" - Anna (New Zealand)
Jenna (canada)
"Best free walking tour Iv'e been on! The guide was awesome definitely recommended!" - Jenna (canada)
Justin (U.S.A.)
"The Alternative tour was the best, saw things I didn't even know existed on my 3rd trip to Prague!" - Justin (U.S.A.)
Jasmin (France)
"The walking tour was great, we learned how to get around and got to actually know what we where looking at!" - Jasmin (France)
Stuart (Australia)
"Definitely a Pub Crawl worth checking out Prague has a sweet as night life scene and this made it too easy!" - Stuart (Australia)