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    The Free Original Prague Alternative Tour

    Welcome to Prague and the Original Free Prague Alternative Tour! This is a social tour, your day in the life of local! Come explore with us and discover the alternative side of the Czech capital. Prague as a unique social and cultural background. People living in Prague have scene thousands of years of European turmoil making today’s culture and social atmosphere one of a kind.

    Join our informative and fun guides as they walk you around some areas of Prague you might have scene before and some you definitely have not. Look at the city through a locals eyes, and see some of the best local street art in town


    This Prague Alternative Tour will start in the center of the city but heads quickly onto the less beaten path and places mostly missed by most tourists. We will discuss modern street and urban art, and the growing alternative culture in Prague.

    Socialize with other travelers while your knowledgeable guide reveals the unique atmosphere of Prague.

    This tour takes up to 3 hrs and features

    • Street art and graffiti in all of its forms,
    • community projects,
    • celebrations and festivals
    • Parks, food, bars, clubs
    • Budapest’s modern culture
    • And much more. . .

    This is the best way to get a feel of the city and see some amazing attractions and areas of Prague.

    The tour may take one of several routes through the city depending on the guide, the needs of the group and the weather on the day.
    We will take the time to make sure you see a bunch of cool stuff while having time to chill out and enjoy all that the city has to offer.
    Want to stop for a beer along the way? Although this isn’t specifically a drinking tour we understand the importance of a social atmosphere so expect to stop and chill out.

    Some Impressions Original Free Prague Alternative Tour

    Tour Details

    Meets Everyday 11:00
    Anna (New Zealand)
    "Pub Crawl was great and perfect for me and my friends night out" - Anna (New Zealand)
    Jenna (canada)
    "Best free walking tour Iv'e been on! The guide was awesome definitely recommended!" - Jenna (canada)
    Justin (U.S.A.)
    "The Alternative tour was the best, saw things I didn't even know existed on my 3rd trip to Prague!" - Justin (U.S.A.)
    Jasmin (France)
    "The walking tour was great, we learned how to get around and got to actually know what we where looking at!" - Jasmin (France)
    Stuart (Australia)
    "Definitely a Pub Crawl worth checking out Prague has a sweet as night life scene and this made it too easy!" - Stuart (Australia)